A Throne of Hamster Skulls

July 5, 2017
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I felt the need to go lighter and more practical with this post to here goes.
The Rationalization Hamster, for those new to this, is a metaphor for the human tendency to rationalize away bad decision making. Like a hamster on a wheel, it spins but doesn’t really go anywhere.

There are a few manifestations of this in the male psyche that will screw you up. They mimic the Kuebler-Ross Model and the five stages of grief.

A Throne of Hamster Skulls

1. Denial
“Eventually Kelly will realize I’m her one true love!”, “There’s no way game is real”, and, I hesitate to include this because it is kind of true “God has somebody out there for me, everyone says so.”
I’m not saying that if you disagree with me, you are in denial. I am saying that if you take a look at the dating and mating atmosphere and deny what you see with your own eyes you are in denial. You will see women choosing men who can provide Power over men who can provide Comfort. You will see the happiest relationships with men who can provide Power and Comfort (TM).

2. Anger
“Society is against me!” “Feminism ruined my life!” “The Church hates men!”
I should say that these things are somewhat true, and they should make you angry, you just can’t camp out in Angerville and say you are going your own way. The anger is real, but it is not the only thing that is real.

3. Bargaining
“I don’t have to worry about this right now.” “[Any variation of thinking you can half ass this]”
I know that in the manosphere, “man up” is code for doing what women say, but the phrase didn’t always mean this. Yes, this process is painful and it is going to require resilience and humility, but swallowing the red pill is something you have got to do to get what you want. You can’t take half the recommended dosage and expect the same results.

4. Depression
“Why bother?” No real answer for this other than, to hell with this. The day you don’t bother is the day you die. God didn’t give you life so you could lay down.

5. Acceptance
It is what it is. Yeah, it sucks, but so has everything since God put an angel with a flaming sword at the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Virtue doesn’t die though. Either through, luck, illative sense, or good reading, real men and women are waking up to the truth like they always have.

I will put a caveat on not letting “game” take over your life. From a Christian perspective, “game” has influenced my life way beyond relationships with women. The concepts may have developed to help with women, but they also made me more social, opened doors, and really woke me up to a lot of reality in general. Just don’t devote your life to this exclusively.

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